We are all continuously transitioning and taking our first steps into a new phase of our lives. It could be a major life transition such as: marriage, the welcoming of children into our lives, empty-nesting or retirement. It could be a major work-related transition: new job, a layoff, a promotion or starting a new company. … Continue reading Transitions

Culture Lab and Digital Divide Data

Living in the tension between purpose-driven and for-profit. Building a culture based on the mission: ‘talent has no boundaries—and opportunities shouldn’t either.’ DDD is transforming lives around the world. They exist in the ambiguous space between two opposing forces. I find this story immensely inspiring and it deepens my belief in the power of social … Continue reading Culture Lab and Digital Divide Data

Agile Transformational Leadership – Day 1

We’ve finished the first day of Agile Transformational Leadership and it is everything I hoped for. The basic tenet is that a true agile transformation starts with an organisation’s senior leadership. We spent the day learning the Trans4mation ‘Integral Agile Transformational Framework’ and the development of leadership. We went through our Leadership Circle self-assessments - … Continue reading Agile Transformational Leadership – Day 1

Attending Resilient Minds Winter Conference 2019

31 Jan - 2 Feb 2019: MindKatalysts- Catherine is attending the first annual Resilient Minds Winter Conference! The purpose is to get focused for 2019, share knowledge and have meaningful dialogues about important professional topics. Focused Change Management at its best. We are staying at the super trendy Hotel Bellora in the center of Gothenburg! … Continue reading Attending Resilient Minds Winter Conference 2019

Tight vs. Loose Cultures

Part of navigating a global transition and successfully adapting to a new place lies in gaining cultural intelligence about yourself and the place you are in. One aspect of cultural intelligence is the concept of tight vs. loose cultures. A super interesting article in Behavior Scientist and an introduction to Michele Gelfand's new book on … Continue reading Tight vs. Loose Cultures