My experience with leadership coaching, and coaching in general, was very limited before meeting Catherine. Right before starting, I was experiencing some kind of skepticism and high expectations at the same time.

Since the beginning, it was very easy for me to get a good chemistry with Catherine, who is a very warm, open minded, professional and rational person. We mainly worked in the area of assertiveness, but she always been open to new topics that our conversation could lead us to face.

Senior Sales Engineer, Tech Industry, Stockholm

Catherines coaching är en kombination av värme, tuffa frågor och en utomordentlig verktygslåda. Jag uppskattar fokuset på hur jag med min personlighet och de styrkor jag har kan hantera utmanande situationer, istället för att lösa praktiska problem. Jag har också uppskattat en ärlig dialog där Catherine också utmanar mig på ett varmt sätt.

Controller, Housing Development Industry

Catherine has helped me develop through her good balance in understanding when to reason and when to challenge. I have found Catherine being a really good coach. With her long experience as a seasoned executive within IT, she has both mentored me as well as acknowledged my challenges. With her inclination for natural leadership, she has helped me set goals for myself.

IT Executive, Life Science Industry, Stockholm

It was my privilege to have Catherine as my coach. She has been very dedicated through out the period of coaching session. With her intensive experience in IT together with the great personal skills, she was able to ask the right questions to bring out the best result out of each session. Facilitated me to look at the situation from different perspective and helped to identify possible solutions for the challenges that I was facing. I like her attitude, her personality, and her ambition to make each session better. It has been pleasure to work with Catherine and happy to recommend her for anyone who need leadership coaching.

Senior Leader, Telecom Industry, Thailand

“I had the pleasure to have Catherine as a mentor and thanks to her feedback I got some great key findings on my coaching strengths. I can now focus on those areas which I want to improve and strengthen in my service as a coach. Catherine is able to combine empathy and direct communication in a humble and constructive way. Thank you Catherine, due to your mentor coaching I am even more motivated to concentrate on my next steps of my coaching journey.”

German coach based in Italy

“Catherine and I have been working together for the past few months.  This is my first experience with a career coach and I am very glad that I found Catherine.  Her background and experience are exactly what I wanted in a coach.  Catherine has been helpful in two distinct ways – helping me deal with my immediate work challenges and helping me roadmap my long-term vision.  When I get off track, she helps me right the road as well as highlights strengths and areas of improvements.  I’m excited to continue working together and see how this experience will impact my career. “

Entry-level leader, Social Media Company, US

I really enjoyed my sessions with Catherine. She is very professional and easy to talk to. She introduced me to many practical tools and techniques that have been helpful in my personal and professional endeavors. I highly recommend Catherine to anyone looking to unlock their full potential!

Director, Not-for-Profit, Thailand

I engaged Catherine as a leadership coach in early 2018. I was in the middle of a divorce and had a high pressure senior role and I wanted to ensure that I could balance the life change. I was immediately impressed with Catherine’s background and comfortable with her approach. She earned my trust and respect from our first session.

Catherine coached me to work through which areas to focus on and develop strategies against each challenge. She kept me focused on clear actions and helped me utilize my professional skills across my life.

Not only did Catherine’s coaching keep me ON TRACK, she helped me turn this time into a spring board. 6 months later I was divorced, settled, fitter & healthier and had been promoted in my role. A truly exception coach who gets results for her clients.

Marketing Director, Food and Beverage Industry, Asia

It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Catherine during her time with Stockholm Public Transport/Transport Administration! Not only has she contributed exceptionally to our organization in her capacity as Head of IT for Transportation, but she also has been a true asset as a member of the Management Team for the Traffic Department. Her leadership skills are outstanding and have been most valuable during a period of considerable change within our organization. I am far from the only one in our organization who will miss her tremendously!

Director, Govt Services Org, Stockholm

It has been very inspiring to work with Catherine. She has a strong integrity and always presents sharp analyses combined with great visions of how she wants to continue to develop the IT department. What I like with her is that Catherine not only focuses on the business, but just as much on the development and wellbeing of her employees. 

As a lawyer I am impressed of both her ability to pinpoint the essence of the IT contracts we worked with, but also her ability to prioritize and engage in the most important ones. I have really enjoyed working with Catherine and I give her my strongest recommendations.

Company Lawyer, Govt Services Org, Stockholm