Leadership at Startups

photo credit: rocketspace.com As I reflect on my own experience at multiple startups and as I listen to others share their stories, it is apparent that leadership at startups can be unique. There are any number of challenges that are different at startups from more established organizations. One such challenge is individuals who may find … Continue reading Leadership at Startups

Lussebullar & the Culture Lab

source: kmloh.com This past week, here in Sweden, our dark mornings were filled with saffron buns (lussebullar) and children walking in processions singing Saint Lucia. It is such a beautiful time of year and really fills the day with light when we need it the most. How do you fill your and others’ days with … Continue reading Lussebullar & the Culture Lab


The benefits of #selfleadership are many. Everything from increased self-awareness to knowing what your personal purpose is. In my observation, this is key to achieving your own goals and making significant progress in your personal development. Sound interesting? Contact me today for a free 30-min consultation to learn more. Looking forward! http://tiny.cc/selfleadership


Catherine/MindKatalysts partners with individuals to work towards sustainable change and a shift in mindset. Catherine will provide you with a safe place to bring up what is most important to you and you will benefit from many years of leadership experience. We will create a bespoke coaching program suited to your needs. Book an initial … Continue reading Change.

Agile Transformational Leadership – Day 1

We’ve finished the first day of Agile Transformational Leadership and it is everything I hoped for. The basic tenet is that a true agile transformation starts with an organisation’s senior leadership. We spent the day learning the Trans4mation ‘Integral Agile Transformational Framework’ and the development of leadership. We went through our Leadership Circle self-assessments - … Continue reading Agile Transformational Leadership – Day 1