Financial Coaching

Catherine is a certified financial coach through
Holistic Coach Academy, Canada.

Partnering with individuals on  the basics of money management.

MindKatalysts partners with individuals to work on  the basics of money management. We work with clients who are interested in taking control over their own financial situation. You may be at a point of transition or you may have a bad relationship with money or have other obstacles keeping you from managing your finances well. The goal is to help you develop healthy money habits that will last.

MindKatalysts works together with you on the basics of personal finance and to create a financial plan that reflects your goals. We work to establish sustainable behaviors for responsible financial decisions and as well as provide accountability while you implement the changes you want to make. The first step is building awareness around your financial goals and what areas of your financial life need prioritizing. Ultimately, you should find yourself with improved financial literacy and be well on your way to achieving your financial goals.

As with all coaching, financial coaching is focused on thoughts, beliefs and behaviors and on making sustainable changes. MindKatalysts does not offer financial advising and is not licensed to do so.

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