We are all continuously transitioning and taking our first steps into a new phase of our lives. It could be a major life transition such as: marriage, the welcoming of children into our lives, empty-nesting or retirement. It could be a major work-related transition: new job, a layoff, a promotion or starting a new company. It could also be moving to a new country or within our own country. Whatever our transition, we can learn to be better at managing them. Many times, I have seen transitions likened to the process we go through when grief enters our lives. This author views transitions with proactive and optimistic tone and tips.  Aviviah Wittenberg-Cox writes that ‘Ends are the prequel to re-creation,’ and that we should ‘embrace confusion, ambiguity and questions,’ which really resonates with me as a way of thinking about transitions. Have a read a see what you think!