Growth Mindset as a Global Nomad

You’ve carefully created, architected and put color to your personal vision. You’ve designed your lifestyle exactly as you want it. You’ve enabled yourself with skills and competencies that allow you to be a global nomad. You are finally living your dream and your first stop is an exotic place a long way from home. Everything … Continue reading Growth Mindset as a Global Nomad

Attending Resilient Minds Winter Conference 2019

31 Jan - 2 Feb 2019: MindKatalysts- Catherine is attending the first annual Resilient Minds Winter Conference! The purpose is to get focused for 2019, share knowledge and have meaningful dialogues about important professional topics. Focused Change Management at its best. We are staying at the super trendy Hotel Bellora in the center of Gothenburg! … Continue reading Attending Resilient Minds Winter Conference 2019

Tight vs. Loose Cultures

Part of navigating a global transition and successfully adapting to a new place lies in gaining cultural intelligence about yourself and the place you are in. One aspect of cultural intelligence is the concept of tight vs. loose cultures. A super interesting article in Behavior Scientist and an introduction to Michele Gelfand's new book on … Continue reading Tight vs. Loose Cultures

Thriving Abroad

In 2017, Louse Wiles and Evelyn Simpson released their book ‘ThrivingAbroad.’ The book is written firstly for the imminent assignee and secondly, for their partner. The book is organized in three parts – 1) Laying the foundation for making the decision, 2) Preparing for the transition and 3) Building a fulfilling life abroad. The authors … Continue reading Thriving Abroad