MindKatalysts AB is a consulting company focused on leadership development and personal growth. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden and works both locally and globally. MindKatalysts AB was founded in 2018 by Catherine Miller, also the exclusive employee.

Catherine is a Consultant and Global Executive & Transitions Coach. She works with leaders from around the globe within the area of leadership and personal growth. She works with individuals and teams in the areas of leadership development, goal achievement, strategy development, personal growth, emotional intelligence and transitions. She works with clients at companies such as: Twitter, Pixar, GitLab, Kry, Bonava, CDK Global, Tacton, King, AMEX, Oatly, Warner Media and others. 

Catherine is a global citizen with personal and professional experience from three continents and multiple countries. Catherine has more than 25 years of leadership experience from the private and public sectors, volunteer positions and sports teams. Catherine is a certified professional leadership coach, also holding an MBA and an MA International Studies. She is an authentic leader and coach who inspires sustainable change and goal achievement.

Catherine believes in embracing change, building strong relationships, strength-based development and getting outside one’s comfort zone. In an organization, she values a positive and growth-focused culture that nurtures the strength and effectiveness of teams and outstanding leadership. Her colleagues describe her as a catalyst as she inspires others to action and forward movement.

Catherine is passionate about embracing change and about harnessing the potential of diversity and inclusivity in our communities and at work.  Catherine resides in Stockholm, Sweden with her husband and two incredibly global children and has many hobbies and interests.

Catherine Miller

Our Values & Principles

  • Reaching Potential – Each of us can, with a little push and support reach our own individual potential. What that potential is, is unique to each of us and it takes effort and focus to harness our strengths and step outside our own comfort zone to find it.
  • Personal Leadership – Successful leadership starts with yourself. Defining a direction for your own leadership and moving in that direction with consistency and clarity empowers you to lead from the inside out.
  • Achievement – Setting goals and ambitiously focusing to achieve them. Your goals can be achieved, and that requires focus and energy.
  • Sustainable Change – happens when individuals are integral to change efforts and are able to modify behaviors to make change. Sustainable change is only achieved through self-awareness of our own core beliefs and even our self-limiting beliefs, in order to make conscious, willful, purposeful, intentional choices and actions. There is a wealth of modern neuroscience research to be harnessed for ensuring sustainable change.
  • Strategic – Setting goals, defining ambitions and working towards them in a systematic way. Using our frontal lobes for the high-level tasks you know you have the potential for. This is also about ‘seeing the big picture’, seeing and using systems thinking.
  • Global Experience & Inclusivity – Understanding, influence and experience from cultures around the world opens our eyes to new frameworks, new ways of thinking and new perspectives. Understanding world cultures makes us creative, innovative and global citizens.
  • Personal Relationships – A sense of fulfillment, joy and happiness are tightly connected to having strong relationships with the people around us. The people in our lives are what make life worthwhile.
  • Sense of Humor – Let’s not take ourselves too seriously, have a little fun and laugh a lot.

Catherine holds the following certifications:

IC Agile – Coaching in the Enterprise
IC Agile – Coaching Agile Transitions
CHFPC Financial Coaching