Lussebullar & the Culture Lab


This past week, here in Sweden, our dark mornings were filled with saffron buns (lussebullar) and children walking in processions singing Saint Lucia. It is such a beautiful time of year and really fills the day with light when we need it the most.

How do you fill your and others’ days with light? Are you being the change you would like to see? Are you modeling the culture you want to have?

One of my favorite podcasts is Culture Lab by Aga Beijer. It is an entire podcast filled with guests who describe how they build culture. In episode 50, Aga hosts Seth Godin, prolific business author, and hear his views on culture.  Any organization with 3 or more people has a culture, whether it is intentional or not.  It is imperative to create the culture you want; create it on purpose and intentionally. Model the culture you want to have. Culture is about the everyday decisions and choices we make in our everyday situations or challenges. Start with finding and defining the purpose of the organization, remembering that each and every individual can change the culture and affect their immediate environment.

Seth suggests asking yourself or perhaps as a team carrying out this exercise: ‘People like us, do things like this…’.  You will need to define who ‘people like us’ as well as ‘things like this’. Having that picture clarified will be a great help in defining the culture you are trying to create.  

Here’s a link to the podcast episode, if you are interested in listening:

What culture do you want to create? What influence can you have on your immediate environment? Be the change you would like to see.

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Have a great rest of the week everyone!