Growth Mindset as a Global Nomad

You’ve carefully created, architected and put color to your personal vision. You’ve designed your lifestyle exactly as you want it. You’ve enabled yourself with skills and competencies that allow you to be a global nomad. You are finally living your dream and your first stop is an exotic place a long way from home. Everything is exactly as you have envisioned it. Or is it? 

What can you think of that might be a challenge?

Go on, what are your thoughts?

 Keep thinking a bit.

Yes! Share with me what you can think of that might be tricky when living the life of a global nomad?

Let me share with you what I have learned from my clients.  The number one challenge for a newbie at this lifestyle is work-life balance.  As a global nomad, the chances are that you are working across time zones and with people who have a different schedule than your own.  When are you working? And when are you off work enjoying the benefits of a global nomad?

Additionally, many people communicate with friends and colleagues and managers on the same digital platforms on the same devices, not leaving much room for separating work conversations from private conversations.

How could you best handle these challenges? Any great ideas?

A couple of suggestions are, very simple and concretely:

  1. Set up a schedule for yourself that works for you and your organization/clients. One person found out that working a few hours in the morning and a few hours in the late afternoon/evening was a good solution. If necessary, agree with your manager to this schedule. And stick to it!
  2. Manage your notifications from the communication platforms you use. Set up the notifications both in type and during which hours that work best for you.
  3. Have a time window during the middle of the day and at night when you actually have your phone away in the backpack or perhaps even turned off.
  4. Reflect each evening, just for a few minutes, over what worked well during the day and what could be changed the next day.

Any other great ideas from you? Please share with us!