The Power of Multi-cultural Teams

Happy Chinese and Lunar New Year to all of you! Wishing you the best for the coming Year of the Rat. In the Chinese culture, rats are seen as being clever and quick thinkers, as well as optimistic and energetic. Don your favorite red item, enjoy some awesome traditional Chinese food and bring someone good luck with a ‘red envelope’ this Friday.

Celebrating holidays is steeped in tradition around the world, including Chinese New Year. Our holidays are also a time to reflect on the richness and strength of diversity and multicultural settings. Working and living with people from different cultural backgrounds is a uniquely enriching experience. In our interactions with those of different backgrounds, we often can start to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes which in turn can lead to increased self-awareness. We can learn about our own strengths, values, biases and underlying beliefs, by learning how others experience us.

When we are leading teams that are diverse and multicultural, we can create a culture of 2+2=5, where the sum is greater than the parts. If we are compassionate, encouraging and appreciative with others in our diverse teams, we will all be able to uniquely contribute to the results. There is so much potential strength in our diversity. But, it doesn’t happen by itself, it takes intentional work to build our desired culture.

Some suggestions for reflection:

  1. In which contexts do you have the opportunity to lead or participate in a cultural diverse setting?
  2. What have you and can you learn in that situation?
  3. What have you learned about yourself, your strengths, values and beliefs?
  4. How would you describe the culture of that context? What could be better?
  5. What positive changes would you like to make in that context?

One book that I have thoroughly enjoyed on the topic of cultural intelligence and leading in a multicultural context is:

Leading with Cultural Intelligence: The Real Secret to Success, by David Livermore.

I am looking forward to connecting with each of you.

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Have a great rest of the week everyone!