Executive Presence

One enormously positive benefit of having a global network of both clients and colleagues is the chance to plug-in to the trending leadership and discussion topics around the world. One topic that has surfaced recently is that of Executive Presence. Definitely not a new topic, but one that has been of interest lately in my circles.

From a 2018 Forbes article we read that Executive Presence is ‘is about your ability to inspire confidence — inspiring confidence in your subordinates that you’re the leader they want to follow, inspiring confidence among peers that you’re capable and reliable and, most importantly, inspiring confidence among senior leaders that you have the potential for great achievements.’  Sylvia Ann Hewlett, author of the book ‘Executive Presence’ defines EP as: ‘It’s an amalgam of qualities that telegraphs that you are in charge or deserve to be.’

Forbes Article on Executive Presence.

Are you looking to make transformational change in your organization? Do you want to increase your influence in your organization? If so, it might be worth reflecting on your Executive Presence and on what changes you might want to make to develop it. 

Just in the two sources which I mentioned above, you can learn how Executive Presence can be broken down into pragmatic areas that can be assessed and developed. I really like one of the suggestions in the Forbes article to ‘understand how others experience you.’ Do you know how others experience you? How can you find out? What do you need to stop doing or start doing to increase your executive presence?  And in Hewlett’s book, the gravitas dimension contributes significantly to your executive presence. Reflect on whether your gravitas is strong or weak. What can you do to change?

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