Accountability and Care in a Virtual World

The Accountability Dial from

Our world has changed radically in the past few weeks. Among other aspects, we are all working more online than ever before. There were definitely many virtual teams and companies even before the current pandemic, but in the past month this has exponentially increased.  That brings with it new challenges, including how to manage accountability in our teams. In plain language, the challenge of addressing performance issues, is even more of a challenge virtually than in-person given that we interact differently when working virtually than in the office. We have less informal interaction or observation of an individual which removes opportunities for building trust and strong relationships as a basis for our formal interactions. Giving feedback is something all of us need to do, either more or less regularly while we are caring about the personal relationships.

Jonathan Raymond is a guest on the ‘Coaching for Leaders’ podcast and gives a lot of insight and suggestions for turning conversations about performance issues into opportunities for building stronger relationships. Jonathan & Dave Stachowiak (Coaching for Leaders host) walk us through The Accountability Dial, a great tool for managing accountability constructively. The steps in the dial are: 1) The Mention, 2) The Invitation, 3) The Conversation, 4) The Boundary and 5) The Limit.

Listen to the linked podcast to get a really good overview of the tool and find out more. Included here also is a link to Jonathan’s short presentation of how to use the tool in practice.

What inspired you?

How are you able to use the Accountability Dial?

How has this helped you better give feedback in a compassionate way?

Stay safe! 

Kindly, Catherine