“The Master and His Emissary” – Interview with Iain McGilchrist

Listen to this Hidden Brain episode where Iain McGilchrist is interviewed about his book “The Master and his Emissary.” It is a super interesting perspective on the left-right brain space. Iain McGilchrist proposes that our brain is not divided by function as we have learned for many years, but rather that the left side is the emissary of the right side master. The interview and the book talk about ‘Why is the human brain divided in half? How does each hemisphere shape our perceptions?’ There are different roles, different purposes for each hemisphere. Both are present and necessary, each with different perspectives on reality.

What I didn’t get a feel for from the interview was whether we can train our hemispheres. If it is true that our society today is too dependent and focused on the functions of the left-side, can we build up our right side? Anyone have any comments or thoughts on that?