Personal Leadership

You’ve been working hard, diligently, focused and your efforts have paid off. You’ve been offered your dream role in your organization! At the same time, your partner has also received a similar offer and the two positions are not in the same geographic place. Both roles are long-term and require onsite presence. This is one of many examples of times our private life intersects with our working lives.  Even after working through all sorts of suggestions as to how to make it work for both of you, you reach the conclusion that a very tough choice has to be made. How do you make this choice? What can help you make this pivotal decision? What do you base your decision on?

Many of us are helped by having developed our personal leadership and self-knowledge. Through personal leadership, we are able to establish the direction of our lives, commit ourselves and work clearly towards our goals. We raise our own self-awareness of what is important to us, who we are and how we want to make a difference. The development process we go through to work on this will help us become more open and authentic. Getting started on your personal leadership development is not difficult. It takes some time, but is definitely something within reach for all of us. A great way to begin is to examine your strengths, improvement areas, personal values and biases. And to discover your personal purpose, your ‘ikigai’. After going through a process of identifying and considering all of this, you will know yourself in a way you never would have imagined and you will know what is important to you as an individual. With that knowledge, you will have what you need to make those super tough decisions in life. Working with a personal coach can make this work very rewarding and beneficial.

Have a great weekend!