EQ Day @ Kandidata

A huge Thank You to the entire team at Kandidata Sweden who hosted an EQ-Day for all of the EQi 2.0 certified assessors today! I came away feeling inspired by so many incredibly creative colleagues and lots of new ideas to use.

We were inspired by examples of using EQi 2.0 in leadership development, leadership team development and in executive recruiting. We had the enormous pleasure of listening to a trainee at Kandidata, who has done her masters work in neuroscience and positive psychology, tell us about how positive emotions help us both at work and in life! Author and Kandidata owner Christer Olsson was with us all day and brought enormous energy to the workshop.

Developing our emotional intelligence is vital to becoming a more Creative Leader (as defined by the The Leadership Circle) and to creating organizational culture where there is engagement, purpose and shared values. There is absolutely a connection to ‘green’ organisations as described by Laloux in Reinventing Organizations.

How is your Emotional Intelligence? Can you benefit from developing your EQ? How can your improved EQ help you create the organizational culture you want?