Finding Focus

A common theme amongst those I speak with is the area of focus and priorities. There are many people who witness a feeling of being scattered and ‘all over the place’. They are seeking a safe place to bring this up and to get another perspective. They are looking for a sounding board for setting goals, accountability, staying focused and knowing priorities. The same topic can also be masked as ‘getting ideas on managing my calendar’ or being more efficient. Oftentimes, there is a hope of somehow finding more hours in the day or uncovering a magic secret to this end. Indeed, even my morning reading in the Swedish magazine for Managers (Chef) espouses a new app to help be super-efficient with our time.

Many times my conversations end up being about what a person’s true north is; what their personal vision is; who do they really want to be in the future. It is only possible to set priorities when you know what you are using to prioritize. In order to know what road to take, one needs to know the destination. Identifying and articulating the destination requires intentional work. It’s about figuring out what makes us happy, what we are good at, what is important to us and how it all fits together.

With a clear picture of what the destination is, we find resilience, positive energy, a sense of purpose and meaning in our everyday actions. And, we can find what we need to know in order to prioritize and focus our time and energy.

How have you identified your destination? What are you doing to work towards it? How do you keep focused on the prioritized tasks? Share your secrets with us.

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