Leadership @ SCRIIN.

Malin and I have known each other for many years, our families know each other and we have engaged in conversations on many topics over the years. This time, we are meeting to hear Malin’s perspective on Leadership at StartUps. Malin is the co-founder of SCRIIN. With the help of the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart technology, SCRIIN helps children and adolescents to reach a healthy balance between screen time and physical activity.

I know from earlier that Malin’s strengths include her ability to focus intensely and this comes through very clearly as we talk. Her passion and motivation are clearly apparent in everything she tells me about founding and leading SCRIIN. Malin has also earlier spent many years in leadership positions at large established organisations and is able to compare her role now to her earlier roles. She is the ideal interview candidate for me!

The golden nuggets that Malin shares with me on the topic of ‘Leadership at StartUps’ are these:


Everyone is responsible for carrying out their own tasks and one doesn’t wait to receive tasks from someone else. There is no real hierarchy and the team is a team of equals. Motivation is found in the meaningful mission that SCRIIN is on. However, Malin points out that her significant experience as a leader has served her well when facing the various challenges one faces as a startup. She has been able to bring resilience and tenacity to the small organisation. 

Full Transparence

At SCRIIN there is full transparence. This includes priorities, budget, salaries, strategy and more. At the same time, everyone helps with what needs to get done and there is much less division of labor as perhaps at a larger organization. 


As others have pointed out, there is a limited budget and setting priorities is vital. There are very few extras and there is complete focus on the main goal of moving the company forward. 

My biggest takeaway from our conversation is that the true rewards come from achieving the mission that SCRIIN is working towards – helping kids and teens find a balance between screen time and physical activity. And that if anyone can help us find that balance, it will be Malin!