Removing Bias with Tengai

I hope this Friday finds you motivated and inspired to reach your goals. I recently had the opportunity to attend a local event where we experienced the world’s first interview robot, Tengai.  Tengai removes personal biases from recruiting which is an area known for allowing biases to affect hiring decisions. If you are interested in learning more, here is their website:

Why is it important to be unbiased? We all easily make hasty decisions based on overall impressions. This is called the halo effect and is prevalent in our decision-making.  Making decisions in this way may not lead us to the best decisions and is definitely not the most rationale way of making decisions and choices.

In terms of hiring decisions, one remedy is to used structured decision-making. You can find out more in this McKinsey article on the topic.

  • What are your biases?
  • How do they show up in your decision-making? 
  • How can you try to be more unbiased?
  • What benefits would that have for you?

Looking forward to connecting with each of you! I’ve added a service called Coach Me Now which is for one-off sessions. You can easily book a session on my Pick-Time calendar here: