Welcome to MindKatalysts AB! 

MindKatalysts AB is a consulting company focused onleadership development and change management. For all leaders and expatriates, we offer focused individual leadership development services. Unlike traditional training programs, these services are both individualized and focused at the same time.  MindKatalysts AB is a passionate advocate of embracing change and personal development as the main avenue to great leadership. We take a global perspective in everything we do.

We partner with our clients to reach their own potential and serve them to reach their goals. Our clients are ambitious, understand the strength in real connections with others and value teamwork. They are relentless is striving for a healthy culture and systemic change.  The expatriates among our clients, are those truly wanting to make the most of their global experience and recognize that transitions are both challenging and opportunities.

MindKatalysts AB inspires others to intentional sustainable change and global leadership. We inspiring others to lead the future in a diverse, inclusive and global world.

We offer a complimentary 30-min virtual initial consultation. In the course of our conversation, we determine your coaching interests and you will get a feeling of what working with us will be like