Catherine has a brilliant, strategic way of thinking! Managing the IT Department for Transportation at Stockholm Public Transport (SL) demands that you always consider the political dimension at the same time as you constantly need to keep track of a great many IT systems “here and now”. She certainly has the skill of uniting the two! 

Catherine is also very service minded! She constantly tries to develop her department in order to offer their IT-services internally in a very efficient and professional way. Her efforts regarding Business alignment are admirable and greatly appreciated at SL!

As a leader Catherine has that rare combination of constantly focusing on the every day business without ever forgetting about her team, down to every single individual. She is caring at the same time as she pushes her team forward. To Catherine “the whole picture” needs to be in balance – and she makes sure it is.

As a manager myself, I have often been inspired by Catherine’s leadership and trust that, where ever she works in the future, she will prove to others as well as to herself that she is a very capable, hard working and competent leader in IT Management!

― Head of Department, Govt Services Org, Stockholm